In a market full of buzzwords, constant innovations and miracle ‘new’ formulas, LQ Collagen is a supplement which works both inside and outside to genuinely deliver results. Results that actually work.

We’re not alone, there are others, but we’ve drawn our line in the metaphorical sand. Because we believe in being honest in an industry full of confusion and superficiality.

We’ve made developing supplements that change people’s lives our day job.

We are committed to developing innovative supplements. Supplements that truly support the health and beauty of the people that use them. Supplements that work from the inside out. Supplements which are backed by science. Fact.

The market is heaving with products that don’t actually deliver. And we’ve had enough of them. So we decided to keep things simple. Our products do what they say they do. And they do it because we’ve formulated them to do what they say they do. It means you get, one-shot (or mix) a day – packed full of ingredients that actually work.

We don’t believe that cost should get in the way of feeling great. Which is why our LQ Collagen is scientifically formulated to be the best supplement range on the market in terms of efficacy, quality of formula and quantity of key active ingredients. At a price point our customers are comfortable with.

Skin Hair Nails

The complete collagen drink and powder beauty range. Advanced formulations for those looking to support their skin, hair and nails. All our LQ SKIN HAIR NAILS supplements boast generous levels of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen plus a range of important key active beauty ingredients. If you are looking to GLOW and SHINE then try LQ Collagen SKIN HAIR NAILS.

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Skin Hair Nails Range
Joint Care Range

Joint Care

STRETCH, FLEX and BEND. Whatever your joint care needs try our all-in-one joint care range. Each LQ Collagen Joint Care daily shot or serving contains high-quality key ingredients to deliver noticeable joint care support from the inside out.

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Collagen Peptides

Just collagen. A range of high strength collagen peptides for those looking to just add collagen to their daily nutrition. From 5000mg to 20,000mg of collagen per serving. Great tasting collagen in liquid or powder form. Whatever you are looking for try LQ Collagen. For all of you.

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Collagen Peptides Range