Help & FAQs

How much collagen does PRO Advanced Collagen contain?

Advanced Collagen contains 10,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen. Studies have shown that the effects are dose dependent and for serious athletes. It has been suggested that 10,000mg is the optimum amount.

Why is it PRO “Advanced” Collagen?

It is called PRO Advanced Collagen because it doesn’t just contain collagen, it also contains turmeric, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and copper.

Is it vegan/vegetarian?

No, collagen is not vegan or vegetarian. By its very nature, collagen cannot be vegetarian, as it is an animal product. There are vitamins which can aid with collagen production within the human body, such as vitamin C. This is sometimes why you see vegetarian or vegan “collagen”. However, these supplements do not contain any real collagen. Our VEGAN range is formulated especially for vegan and vegetarian elite athletes. 

Where does the collagen in PRO Advanced Collagen come from?

The collagen in PRO Advanced Collagen is hydrolysed marine collagen. While there are many sources of collagen, marine collagen (especially in its hydrolysed state), is the highest quality collagen for supplementation. 

Has TRR PRO Advanced Collagen been tested for banned substances?

Yes, our entire PRO product range has been tested for banned substances by Informed-Sport. Informed Sport is the global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, and is designed to give athletes the confidence to take supplements without worrying about the presence of banned substances.
For more information on Informed Sport, visit its website.

How often should I take Advanced Collagen?

Advanced Collagen is designed to be a daily supplement. We suggest taking it every day for at least 30 days. Due to a cumulative effect it is possible to drop the dose to every other day after 90 days. 

What time of day should I take Advanced Collagen?

After intensive exercise, your body goes into repair mode. Because of this, we suggest that you take Advanced Collagen daily after your workout.