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    LQ Collagen powder is for everyone. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, making up to 35% of the bodies protein content. As we age, our body’s natural collagen production begins to gradually slow down - this generally starts to happen around our late 20’s or early 30’s. This gradual loss of naturally produced collagen in the body is one of the leading causes of many of the most common signs of ageing. If you are looking to add collagen to your diet then we recommend that you try LQ Collagen.

    Each 50ml bottle of LQ Collagen is the equivalent of 10 to 15 pills of capsules. Liquid supplements have a higher bioavailability than pills and capsules and get to work inside the body that much sooner. It is much simpler and tastier to start your day with LQ Collagen.

    We recommend taking LQ daily for at least 1 month and for 3 months to see the best results. Then most customers carry on every day.

    Results and time-frames will vary for each individual and for the specific health and well-being concern that they are targeting. Some LQ customers feel the effects and benefits after just 2-3 weeks.

    LQ should be stored upright, in a cool, dry place and avoid placing the bottles in direct sunlight. There is no need to store your LQ in the fridge although some people do like to.

    The LQ Collagen supplements are not suitable for vegetarians.

    The marine LQ Collagen range contains fish and might contains crustaceans.

    No this is not recommended. If you are pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding seek professional medical advice before taking LQ Collagen Supplements.

    We strongly advise you to seek professional medical guidance about taking LQ Collagen Supplements in conjunction with any medications.

    Our formulations only use the highest quality ingredients and all LQ ingredients are traceable from the source. The close attention we pay to the quality of our ingredients is only matched by our concern for safety. Throughout the formulation process, our scientists have worked in constant reference to the European standards for health and safety. These guidelines, along with the individual integrity of every member of our scientific team has ensured that every bottle and tub of LQ has not just been formulated for optimum efficacy, but also optimum safety.

    The best collagen powder is hydrolysed. Add one level scoop of powder to cold water and stir vigorously until completely dissolved, then drink immediately. Or add to your favourite smoothie or porridge.

    We recommend taking hydrolysed collagen powder at the start of your day to optimise the collagen powder benefits. Some people however prefer to add to their daily smoothie, or after food.

    Collagen powder is used as a popular and convenient way to add high levels of collagen to your diet. LQ Collagen specifically uses hydrolysed collagen powder as part of the ranges of advanced formulations which are developed to support skin, hair and nails, as well as joints and bones.

    LQ Collagen Joint Care powder contains 5000mg of marine collagen and other key ingredients such as glucosamine, ginger copper and vitamin C which helps to support your bones and cartilage.

    Both formats have similar benefits in terms of results. The powder has the max collagen quantity per serving with 10,000mg and can be taken on its own with water, or mixed in with a smoothies/porridge. As collagen supplementation is dose dependent the 10,000mg is a popular format, however, the Skin Hair Nails Max shot has 7000mg of marine collagen plus other extra key active ingredients such as resveratrol so it is a more rounded beauty formulation, plus it comes in an easy to take daily shot. The decision on which produce really is based on the format you would prefer to take that fits with your lifestyle.
    Marine collagen comes from fish and is a high quality source of collagen peptides. Marine collagen is often seen as the leading form of collagen for quality, but we do offer a bovine collagen for those looking for a cheaper and higher dose of collagen.
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